Forgotten relics confined to an attic shelf, Luna and Lars lay dormant by day and awaken by night to dance in their toy theater home. The blissful waltz proves the sustaining ritual for the otherwise inanimate puppets, uniting them in an ardent love-trance. One night, Lars discovers a large mirror cloaked in the dusty recesses of the theater. Entranced by its mystical allure and a newfound hypnotic waltz, he at once departs into a dark world that Luna cannot penetrate. This mournful romance awakens the possibility that within great loss, hope still remains.

•     •     •     •     •    

Best Animated Short & Best Score Winners - NewFilmmakers Los Angeles "Best Of Awards" // 2016

Awardeo Video of the Week // March 2016

Premiere - Santa Barbara Int. Film Festival (SBIFF) // 2015

Remi Award Winner - WorldFest Houston Int. Film Festival  // 2015

Animation Award of Merit - Catalina Film Festival // 2015

Finalist - USA Film Festival // 2015

Best Animation Winner & Best Picture Finalist - Temecula Film Festival // 2015

Dreamworks + NFMLA Festival // 2016

Cinequest // 2015

Dances With Films // 2015

Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival // 2015

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles // 2015

Gasparilla Int. Film Festival // 2015

Sarasota Film Festival // 2015




Original Poster by Melisa Dougherty